Begin your transition to plant based with breakfast. Often, you simply only need to replace some ingredients and voila! a plant based breakfast.

Shopping List:


  • nondairy milk* (almond, oat, soy, rice… experiment to see what you like best)
  • ground flax (serves as an egg replacer for pancakes, muffins and the like…)
  • fruit
  • agave/maple syrup


  • avocados (for spreading on toast)
  • oats (quick, steel cut, cream of wheat…)
  • whole grain cereals/granola*
  • extra firm tofu and veggies (for tofu scrambled eggs)
  • whole grain flour (for pancakes, waffles and muffins)
  • chia seeds (for an Omega-3 boost)


*When searching for a non-dairy milk and cereals, check the nutrition facts. Chose one without a ton of added sugar.


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